Not every place you fit in is where you belong.

Business student and residence advisor, Abiola Adunmo, sent the garlic picture below because the image and words spoke to issues she was contemplating.
 Here is her description about how a mushy piece of garlic depicted her journey of self-awareness. Is it worthwhile to  just “fit in” because it is easy and comfortable?  When might we need to leave our cosy  clan of cloves so that we can be true to ourselves and actualize our gifts.
Thanks Abby for the pic and provocative insights!
 Abby’s words about the photo:
This is a picture a friend used on his profile sometime back and it related so much to me in the sense that-
“Sometimes we as humans want to be everywhere we find our friends or colleagues doing well.  We might even try to do what they are doing just because we can, but it might just not be the best thing for us to personally fully utilise our potential and talents.
Usually we are more than what we compare ourselves to,
usually we have more to offer,
usually we humans are ready to settle for less than we can offer because we don’t want to leave our comfort zone.
In an actual sense, usually we are greater than how we view ourselves or where we fit.
 For most, it’s just about taking a step further or changing some strategies to lead us to a better place where we belong.”
Therefore,  not everywhere we fit in is where we belong:


Hey readers –  let us know what you think of this garliccy metaphor in the comments below or if you have a picture that sums up your current dilemma, send it along!


Here is a short cool Tedx Talk by a social psychologist about what it means to find the right “fit” in your work place.  Hint: fit is important – to you and your employer!



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