An owner’s manual for calming your worry mind!

Don’t Always Believe Your Thoughts!

Many students have talked to me in the last couple weeks about feeling overwhelmed by a racing mind that is filled with worries and anxious thoughts.  Many of our thoughts are NOT true, so if you go through a phase where you are saying to yourself things like  “I’m a loser, I’m never going to pass, Nobody likes me, What’s wrong with me?” – take a breath, slow down and question whether your thoughts are true or whether your mind is playing tricks on you!

Here are some ideas for dealing with worries:

  1. Get exercise and regular sleep habits. Our worries get  seem much bigger when we are not well rested stress-worry-woman-text-white-23159798and exercise helps us calm down and get perspective.
  2. Take a break – go for a walk in the cold, fresh air and concentrate on what you see and hear and feel.
  3. Talk to someone – often just saying the worries out loud helps you to feel like they are more manageable.
  4. Talk to yourself like you would to a good friend:  “It’s o.k.
    You are going to get through this.  You have faced difficult challenges before!”
      Be your own best friend and supportive coach.
  5. Ask yourself if there is actually evidence that supports these negative thoughts.  What is a kinder, more balanced way of seeing the situation.
  6. Write an alternative thought down and see how that feels.
  7. Get perspective – in 10 years how serious will these current worries be for you?  Ask a friend you trust for their perspective on the issues that are swirling in your mind.

Here is a great link for looking at some of the thinking traps that can spiral us into worrying overload. 

Are you a fortune teller who predicts what is going to happen and its all bad? 

Do see things in black and white? 

Do you exaggerate how bad things are?

Take a look at this list of and see if any of these thinking traps are familiar to you:

and here are some more ways to increase well-being:



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