Mindful Moments – ways students are slowing down and calming their worry-minds

Beautiful short video on how students are bringing mindfulness into their lives.

Slow down, feel the air on your face, 

taste that crisp autumn apple,

notice your thoughts and feelings without judgement

feel your feet touch the earth. 

Being mindful helps us to connect with what is really true – this place, this body, this moment.  There is an attitude of welcoming whatever arises in your thoughts and feelings and being curious about your direct experience of your life. It is gently making friends with your self – and allowing both you and the present moment to be exactly the way they are.

Some instructors are also building mindful moments into their classes!  Just a few moments to breathe, and beeeeeeeeee for a few moments before returning to the content and cognitive tasks.

What do you do to stay present? What do you think of this approach?

You can also read about chocolate meditation here for another mindfulness flavour:




2014-10-20 08.16.13 - Copy 2014-10-20 08.15.36 - Copy 2014-10-20 08.16.59


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