Time for your medicine . . . . . . .

Take a look at THIS drug ad  . . . . . .

Do you have nature deficit disorder?  Its not enough to just live here in the Kootneays,  you have to go out and be with the trees and sky and spend some moments savouring earth’s gifts to get the full effect of her medicine.

Luckily for you –  all Selkirk campuses have access to just the right dosage of this powerful drug.

Dark, winter days will be here before you know it, so find time to soak in some of the fall colours, the sunshine, the stunning beauty that opens the heart and speaks to you when you take the time to notice!

Here are some campus, Kootenay photos.  Send us more if you want them posted on the Selkirk Dinner Club facebook page!

2015-09-09 13.59.02

from the bridge across from tenth street rez

2015-09-09 13.57.32

one minute walk across the street from tenth street residence – go linger with the sounds and ever changing beauty of this mountain juice

2015-09-09 18.39.48


from Castlegar Kekuli House Residence – miles of trails and the opportunity to sit at the sacred spot where the Kootenay and Columbia River meet.

2014-10-19 14.39.062014-10-19 14.45.55 2014-09-28 13.08.182015-09-09 18.39.31

see https://tenthstreetdinner.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/boosting-your-brain-power-is-a-walk-in-the-park/ for more info on the mysterious Japanese practice of “forest-bathing” and to learn more about eco-psychology and how nature boosts your learning power and well-being.


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