Never Give Up. We are here. – Messages from Selkirk Students for World Suicide Prevention Day.

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At Selkirk College Get Connected Day  in Nelson dozens of students and staff wrote messages of hope to someone who might be struggling:

As a symbol of World Suicide Prevention Day the kite and string represent our connection to the things we strive to stay connected to: hope, community, those we have lost, and those who struggle with thoughts of suicide. This year, the local committee has chosen to add the symbol of a hand and invites you to attach paper hands to kites to symbolize reaching out to each other for support.

The hands were attached to a kite and passed around a circle of 40 people at Lakeside Park who were there  “to show their support for suicide prevention, to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have died, comfort those who grieve and strengthen our connection with each other.”

Here are the beautiful reaching out hands with words from students to students who might be struggling:

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For more information, support or referral  talk to a Selkirk Counsellor:   250-365-1237 or 250-352-6601

or phone the crisis line:

2015-09-09 12.54.24

or check out this web-site:

The provincial Healthy Minds/Healthy Campus  

explains how to support people you are worried about:

Showing care and concern to someone who may be thinking of suicide can make all the difference. Asking them whether they are OK, listening to what they have to say in a non-judgmental way, and letting them know you care, can all have a significant impact. Asking about suicidal thoughts or intent does not result in suicide. Isolation increases the risk of suicide, so being there for someone can be life-saving.
Learn more >>

and shares a great resource about men and depression:

 Remember that by reaching out and being connected, we can save lives.

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