Selkirk Residence Advisors immersed in a week of learning . . . . .


The Residence Advisors for Castlegar and Nelson campuses for 2015/2016 at our closing Unwind and Cheese reception at the end of the annual Leadership Retreat (missing Jijith)

RAs just finished a great week of training that included:

  • Skills in building relationships through deep listening.
  • Discussion and awareness around what it meant to host welcoming, inclusive living situations  (ie. warm presence, listening, food and conversation, art, attention to details, reaching out to people that might be isolated, games, music, fun . . . . . ).
  • Awareness of the ethical and legal steps needed for Sexual Consent – “Let’s Get Consensual”
  • Being “impeccable with your word” – integrity and the art of saying what you mean, meaning what you say!
  • Aspiring to self-care and balance so that you are able to not take things personally and stay curious about others perceptions
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness
  • Team building with a True Colours approach to appreciating personal styles and values
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Party Safe ideas and harm reduction strategies
  • Explorations of Selkirk Residence policies, procedures and RA responsibilities
  • Awareness of safety issues and how to defuse difficult situations.
  • Stories, experiences and wisdom from an amazing group of community leaders who talked about personal ways of re-charging, the importance of clear communication, the art of not taking things personally and the aspiration to create non-judgmental, safe, welcoming environments.

It was a full, intense week and I am so impressed by these smart, kind, savvy leaders who are heading out into one of the most challenging jobs on campus!

These are the folks that will help Kekuli and Tenth Street Residence have a fabulous year!


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