Voices from the Margins – Youth, Addictions and Creating Caring Communities

The Creating Caring Communities conference in Castlegar was filled with a depth of learning that touched the mind and heart.  Even though the focus was on Youth and Addictions, most of the speakers and discussion centered on how we can create the kind of support networks that help people feel nourished and connected.  Everyone, from renowned Bruce Alexander, author of The Globalization of Addiction http://www.brucekalexander.com/to the youth themselves voiced a recognition that there is less addictive behavior when youth are embedded in healthy, caring cultures.

Highlights included Dr. Duncan Grady exploring the use of “Rites of Passage” for youth in indigenous communities as a way of deepening and celebrating emergence into adulthood and the powerful Photo-Voice project developed by film maker extraordinaire, Amy Bohigian, and a group of 5 youth who share their lives through collections of images.  The video is a moving exploration of the power of personal story, metaphors, deep listening and resilience!

Thanks to the awesome committee that worked so hard to make this conference a reality.

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