We celebrate women because . . .. . . ..

We celebrate women

because . . . . . . . ..


iwd2IMG_0124IMG_0125iwd10iwd1IMG_0123IMG_0126IMG_0127IMG_0128 iwd4 iwd8iwd12 iwd31IMG_0130iwd33IMG_0129 Nelson had a wonderful day celebrating women’s lives, challenges and achievements. iwd3A group of Serlkirk College students and staff gathered for lunch to hear about international women’s education and empowerment projects and talk about how we want to approach conversations around sexual consent and healthy relationships.   iwd5Celine Magnech,  a Selkirk second year Resort and Hotel Management student, founded and is the current director of a  pre-school and 2 schools in her home country of Cameroon.  Returning home after studying in Europe, Celine recognized that women in her community needed small loans to create sustainability for their families.   Once that project was in place, the women needed help with care for their youngest children when they were working or going to school.  Today Celine’s projects have had the following impacts:

More than 3,000 women trained (agricultural technology, loan management, safe use of fertilizers, etc.) and received financial support since 2002

More than 600 elementary school teachers trained since 2004

More than 200 students received holistic scholarships

More than 4,000 youth empowered with sexual and reproductive information

More than 60 drop out boys and girls trained to start their own business or join the labor force

For more information about Celine’s projects or how you could get involved in sponsoring the education of a child, contact Celine: csika2009@gmail.com and read more here:


Karoline Kemp, co-director of the Nelson Women’s Centre, shared with us some of the projects she worked on in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Somalia.  She spoke of her respect for the feisty, fierce energy of women around the world who show amazing resilience in working to make life better for themselves and their families. The conversation then moved to exploring how we can work towards creating a culture where men and women are able to engage in the conversations that build consensual, respectful relationships.  As one Silver King student said:

“Communication is probably the most intimate thing two people can do. We need a course called Homo Sapien 2.0 where we learn how to have these important conversations with each other.”

The day ended with an inspiring movie, GIRL RISING, that followed the stories of 9 girls from developing countries who are passionate about wanting education.  IMG_0134The Civic Theatre was packed and we were treated to an exhilarating Flash Mob from the Dance Umbrella.  GIRL RISING was a fundraiser for the Nelson Women’s Centre which has been serving the women of the Kootenays for the last 42 years:


The movie and subsequent panel discussion generated a sense of gratitude for how far women’s rights and opportunities have evolved in much of the world, but  we were also left recognizing how much work is left to be done – locally and internationally. Check out the Trailer for Girl Rising  and keep on celebrating the women in your lives!

      http://girlrising.com/ 1654057_518098264973754_270707274_n 1653838_518099021640345_1197165578_n 1975089_518099331640314_2034679679_n 2014-03-07 13.33.39 DSC03278[1]

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