With Drugs and Alcohol, Knowledge is Power

Good ideas 4 Safe(r) PARTYING


The ANKORS  agency is our local Kootenay expert on promoting awareness and safety around substance use.  They are recognized provincially for their excellent harm reduction program at the Shambhala Festival.  http://www.ankors.bc.ca/  This info is adapted from their wonderful PartySafe information.  

If you choose to use substances of any kind (alcohol included), it is important to know your body, your friends and how to make safe, informed choices.

Your friends are your safety net and you’re your friend’s safety net.  Have a friend, or network of friends that you talk to before, during and after a party or night out.  IF you choose to go to do your own thing, have a plan to check in with each other at a designated place.

KNOW what you are all taking.  If your pal is suddenly very incoherent and messed up, or unconscious, get help immediately. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FRIEND UNATTENDED.  If unconscious, put your pal in recovery position and send someone to get help.

recovery position

Having a plan does not mean not having fun!  Have a safe means of transportation, have a cell phone or cash for phone calls whenever you party. Bring condoms. You never know, right?

Take it for a test drive.  Less is often more.  Getting really, really messed up isn’t actually all that fun. It can sometimes be pretty scary. Try a little bit to see how it reacts with your body.  You can learn your limits and play within them.

Think before you mixWe know that alcohol and some drugs interact. Mixing uppers and downers together is really confusing for your body. Mixing downers and downers doesn’t allow you to control your dose.

Drink water and eat food along your journey to help pace yourself and keep your body together.

With alcohol and drugs, knowledge is power.  If you are choosing to use different party drugs, like Ketamine, or Molly, or GHB, then don’t just believe the hype that it is “pure”. Learn more about these substances,their effects and their risks of long term use or over-dose risks. Know about the scene you are participating in. Here are some awesome sites to help your research along:

Erowid.org   dancesafe.org

Be an amazing host!  If people are gathering at your place, provide some food and non-alcoholic drinks.  Welcome your guests and make sure they have fun, are safe and have rides home.

Need someone to talk to? Got any questions? About drugs, partying, safe sex, high risk behaviour? Wanna talk about an experience you’ve had? Worried about yourself, or your friends? ANKORS 505-5506 or Jamie education@ankors.bc.ca

College Counsellors can also help you sort through your experiences and questions and connect you to good resources. Phone 250-365-1273  250-352-6601 to book appointments.

Thanks so much to the staff at both ANKORS and the Centre for Addictions Research for the great discussions and  information about what helps students make educated decisions.

What do you think of these pointers?  Do you have any of your own to add?  What do you and your friends do to look after each other?




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