Castlegar students cooked up good food and conversation in newly renovated rez kitchen


As a part of the Selkirk College Dinner Basket Project, student’s in Castlegar Residence talked openly and honestly about their opinions and experiences with substances. There was a large turnout of fifteen hungry students who showed up to share dinner and a meaningful conversation about drugs and alcohol. cooking rezcastlegarThe newly renovated kitchen was perfect for us to prepare dinner. We cooked yummy bean burritos and it was so pleasant and interesting sitting down together to share different perspectives and opinions.

Here are some quotes from the evening….

“Know your limit and don’t do anything you will regret”

“I think it’s just interesting to exchange perspectives with people outside our circles.”

“I think it sparks good conversation, people will share more if you give them free food”

“Awesome chance to hang out”

“Policies have advantages as well as disadvantages. Residence rules are good from the point of the college, but students feel that they are restricted”

“Food brings people together”

“Conversation is always easier over a good meal”

“I learned perspectives of different people”

“Good food + Good Conversation means a healthy culture”

castlegar dinner

Thanks again everyone for coming and being willing to share food and conversation. If you want to host a dinner conversation on substance use come to Selkirk Counselling and they’ll hook you up with a basket of food.

basket squashAnd thanks to Jessie Keczan, fourth year nursing student,  for shopping, cooking, hosting, writing this blog post and generally embodying amazing leadership in transforming culture one meal at a time!

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