Pasta Olivia and Pasta Carnivore for Italian Night at the Tenth Street Residence

Here are two easy pasta recipes (one vegetarian and one not) that can be made in a few minutes.  Noodles can provide a cheap way to fill up and they become the vehicle for tasty and nutritious sauces.  if you want to add even more nutrition choose whole wheat pasta which take a bit longer to cook, but has considerably more fiber.

Both recipes share the first few steps:

1. First put a big pot of water onto boil  for your noodles (with or without salt)

2. Chop an onion and crush several (4-10) cloves of garlic and fry on medium oil in a generous splash (2 Tbsps) of olive oil.


3.  Chop veggies (we had carrots, peppers and yellow zuccinis).  We added them to the onion/crushed garlic mixtures after the onions were translucent.  (You can make this recipe without these vegetable but they add nutrition and also cut down on the price of your overall meal as you end up eating a bit less meat).


4.  For the meat sauce we then added 1 pkg of Hot Italian Sausages and 2 Pkgs of lean ground beef. (you can use whatever combination of ground meat you like – ground chicken or turkey are good in here as well – this amount of meat was for a huge sauce – probably enough to feed at least ten people!)  The Italian sausages add spiciness so if you don’t use them you may want to add more salt, pepper, chilli flakes, basil and oregano to get a fuller flavour).  Once the meat was no longer pink we added two jars (or tins) of tomato sauce and let the mixture cook together for another 15 minutes. We made a very thick meaty sauce, but you could add one more jar of sauce for runnier mixture that extends your ingredients further.

IMG_0865 (1)

Meat dog Dylan squeezed the sausage meat out of the links, mixed it well with the ground beef and kept a good eye on the thick sauce so it didn’t stick.


5. For the vegetarian Pasta Olivia we added lots (15?)  tomatoes fresh from the garden.  You could also use a tin of plum tomatoes or sauce.   Once the tomatoes were cooked down a bit we added half a jar of green olives, half a jar of sun dried tomatoes and a whole drained jar of artichoke hearts (you can use any combination you have on  hand – capers, olives and sundried tomatoes add a  briney richness but it can be just fine without these ingredients as well!). To create a creamier sauce you can add a cup of cream or tinned milk right near the end – don’t boil it.  This gives a rose coloured sauce that is a hybrid of the typical white and red sauces.


tomatoes, yellow zuccinni, peppers and some chilli flakes cooking down with the fried garlic and onions


Pasta Olivia

We cooked a full bag of Rotini corkscrew pasta noodles in boiling water for about 15 minutes and then drained and rinsed the noodles.The  pasta was served with lots of parmesan cheese and green beans from the garden steamed for 10 minutes in a little bit of water.


Dinner clubbers cooking


we added a half cup of water to the wok and covered it to steam the veggies


Final Product: Pasta Olivia, Pasta Carnivore and fresh veggies. cost: approximately $5.00

IMG_0855 (1)

Martin Keyserlink and Laela Heidt chopping veggies.


Thanks so much to Ussani Taylor for the fantastic photos and everyone for a great night of cooking and eating!

These recipes could have endless variations.  Make up your own great pasta recipe and send us the photo and ingredients and we’ll add them here!


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