The Selkirk Dinner Club usually posts recipes and information around health, but when I read this great educational reflection I remembered that one powerful aspect of  well-being is feeling stretched and inspired by new learning.  This U. Vic student’s amazing experience with the warmth, kindness and resilience of South African people (and her fellow students) offers a poignant example of transformative learning – those powerful experiences that open our minds and our hearts and help us become better world citizens.

South Africa 2014

South Africa has changed me. I don’t know what it is but something is different, something inside my heart has shifted.

During the classroom period before departing for South Africa, I admit, my greatest concern was the constant company of 12 other students and 2 chaperones. I like alone-time and it worried me to think I might not have much of that for 21 consecutive days. As a library-dwelling hermit during the school year, the thought of constantly spending that much time with people was frankly intimidating. One day into the on-the-ground component of the field school and that all changed: we met a woman who lives in a room, smaller than my first year dorm, with not only her whole family but with two other families as well. I had worried about having enough privacy during this adventure but then realized that for some people, privacy is an alien…

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