Photo Voice: Our college experience!

Recently a  group of Human Service students were asked to look around campus and take pictures of things that have promoted a sense of community  and belonging and pictures of things that have created isolation and disconnection.  Here are the images and what they meant to students.

Some of the descriptions are hard to read but if you click on them they enlarge.   They are worth reflection!

Thank-you to Amy Bohigian, local film maker and photo-voice facilitator, who inspired this approach and to Leslie Comrie and her wonderful students for their images and insights.

What has contributed to your sense of belonging or disconnection as a Selkirk Student?

(psssssst:   If you contribute a comment below or send us your own photo voice image, your name will be entered in a draw for the amazing wellness basket pictured below.  It is filled with food, easy recipes, sunscreen, condoms, chocolate and more!)


Our College Experience:  The Worst and The Best!

CCSU 026CCSU 065

CCSU 111     CCSU 032   CCSU 033  CCSU 037CCSU 035 CCSU 036    CCSU 094CCSU 040    CCSU 044 CCSU 043 CCSU 051 CCSU 046CCSU 047 CCSU 068CCSU 048 CCSU 105   CCSU 053 CCSU 054 CCSU 056 CCSU 057 CCSU 058 CCSU 059CCSU 028CCSU 060     CCSU 067CCSU 066  CCSU 069 CCSU 070 CCSU 071 CCSU 072    CCSU 077 CCSU 078  CCSU 079CCSU 080  CCSU 082 CCSU 083 CCSU 084 CCSU 085  CCSU 087 CCSU 088 CCSU 096CCSU 089 CCSU 090 CCSU 091 CCSU 092 CCSU 093    CCSU 098CCSU 099  CCSU 100 CCSU 101   CCSU 104  CCSU 103  CCSU 108  CCSU 110  CCSU 112 CCSU 113 CCSU 114 CCSU 086CCSU 038CCSU 115  CCSU 117CCSU 081CCSU 122 CCSU 118 CCSU 119 CCSU 073CCSU 120CCSU 041  CCSU 102CCSU 095CCSU 123CCSU 106CCSU 107CCSU 039CCSU 116

Photo-Voice Display in the Castlegar Pit:

photo voice photo-4

What has contributed to your sense of belonging or isolation as a Selkirk Student?

Comment below or send your photo and description to and we’ll add it to this collection!


4 responses to “Photo Voice: Our college experience!

  1. This was truly an awesome project to take part in. Thanks for sharing it for others to see.

  2. What a valuable project – a picture is worth a thousand words! It’s relatively easy to share and very informative/revealing!

  3. I’m glad you thought it was worthwhile Michelle! I find it it quite moving and provocative. And thanks for the feedback Laurie – it would be interesting to have other programs and campuses do something similar!

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