Share Your Story. You are not alone. Find a Travelling Diary somewhere near YOU.

Bh5nvcQCMAA9afH.jpg largeSelkirk Students Jessie Keczan, Aly Brouwer and Ira Smolina made these gorgeous diaries for you to write in!  Inspired by a SFU student group who are exploring ways to open conversations about people’s real experiences, they dropped off TRAVELLING DIARIES in various locations and we’re starting to get some honest comments from people about how they’re doing and what matters to them.  Here’s the orginal info about the project and a few photos from the diaries to give you a taste of how people are faring these days.

So  – HOW ARE YOU????

Comment below or find one of these travelling books and let us know how you are coping with end of term stress!

– and don’t forget if you are totally lost in the land of overwhelm – reach out – talk to a friend

or Call Counselling services – 250-365-1273

or the Crisis Line is always available 1-888-353-2273

Here are some of the comments from your fellow students.  Some of the images are pretty small, but if you click on them you can read the words more easily:

photo voice 114 photo voice 116 photo voice 117  photo voice 119 photo voice 120photo voice 118 photo voice 111

photo voice 108

Thanks from this student to Brad McVittie and the ABE outreach at Castlegar Family Place.

photo voice 108

photo voice 111

and from one of our International Students adapting to Selkirk Life:

photo voice 109 photo voice 112 photo voice 113


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