Thai Fried Rice

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This is the most delicious use of left-over rice.  In South-East Asia it is a common breakfast served with a lots of sambal (chili sauce) and a fried egg on top.


Heat 2  Tbsp. (or a slosh) of vegetable oil in a wok or big frying pan on medium high heat.   Cook 1 chopped onion until translucent.  At this point you can add 8 cloves of crushed garlic,  carrots cut into small strips and cubed chicken, prawns or tofu and stir until cooked through (chicken 5-10 minutes, prawns 3 minutes, tofu until golden ).  If you have left-over cooked chicken or other meats you can add them with the rice instead.

When carrots and your protein are just cooked, add 3- 5  cups of cooked rice and any other veggies (slivered red peppers, sliced kale, beans, snow peas, small bits of broccoli or bok choy . . . . .. whatever you have on hand).  Stir until everything is hot and lightly cooked but the veggies are still bright green and crispy.   Sprinkle on salt and add  2 Tbsp. of Thai fish sauce, 1 tsp of sambal or crushed chili flakes and juice from two limes.

This meal is very flexible – use what you have in your fridge.  The combination of fish sauce, limes, garlic and chilies give the distinctive Thai taste.

Indonesian fried rice uses a bit of Ketjap Manis (sweet soya sauce) for a different, but equally delicious Nasi Goreng  (fried rice).

Serve hot with more sambal, chunks of lime with or without a fried egg on top!

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2 responses to “Thai Fried Rice

  1. This is exactly same way with Indonesian fried rice, but we add eggs with the veggies then rice then kecap manis. The difference is we don’t use lime, I think lime is Thai significant food what make it difference.

  2. Thanks Ria – do you mean you add beat up egg with the veggies like with some of the Chinese fried rice? Do you still put a fried egg on top as well? Do you use some kind of fish sauce or terassi for that flavour or not bother? Yikes – just thinking about Nasi Goreng is making me so hungry. I want some Krupuk Udang (crispy prawn crackers) with it as well! Terima Kasih Ria Cantik!

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