The New Kind of Neknomination: Be Awesome #thenewnek

As concern rises about the safety of worldwide viral drinking game “Neknomination,” a Vancouver man has turned the phenomenon on its head.  This on-line drinking challenge has already take the lives of two Irish university students and people are worried about the outcomes when people try to outdo their friends’ drinking videos.

Instead of buying and downing a bottle of vodka, as his Facebook Neknomination required of him, Julian DeSchutter went to the liquor store, priced up a bottle of spirits, then took his cash to Tim Hortons to see how much food he could buy for the same amount.

Then, he hit the streets of Vancouver, offering coffee and sandwiches to the homeless.

He posted a video of his actions to YouTube on Thursday, saying,

“Not one to shy away from a challenge, I couldn’t not do my NekNomination. But I was going to do it my way. I wanted to take something powerful and do something good with it. Something the world needs more of. This was the result.”

He then nominated two of his friends to pick up the torch and “do something awesome” within 24 hours.

Wouldn’t it be great if this version of the game took off? Now, that would be awesome.

from the B.C. Huffington Post:


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