Eat and Art Returns to the Castlegar Campus!

pic1Eat and Art Returns to the Castlegar Campus!

Creating art, especially with other people has been shown to decrease stress and increase wellbeing and relaxation. Over 30 students and staff on the Castlegar Campus came together to create fabulous Valentine’s Day Cards last Thursday! This event was sponsored by the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project and the Counseling Department so students also had the opportunity to discuss and write their thoughts about their own relationship with substances.

Questions were written on tent cards at each table for people to discuss:


  • If there was one thing that could be done on campus that would help students have healthier relationships with substances what would it be?”
  • What experiences or mentors have helped you have healthy relationships with substances?”
  • How does your use or non-use of substances fit with your values?”
  • If you use substances, how do you know when you’ve had enough? What helps you monitor or stop when you need to?”
  • What is substance use like in your current community? What is working or not working for your friends? How do you keep each other safe?

Some interesting discussions happened and here are a few of the comments:

“I value authentic relationships with other and the world around me and my experience of substance use, particularly over-use is that this is very isolating”

“More arts and crafts in the pit to bring people together”

How about more opportunities to join groups that help students see the bigger picture”   pic2

“I believe our brains and our thoughts are our greatest potential contribution to all communities. By avoiding substances I can keep my brain clear and high functional”

“Personal experiences using substances has allowed me to get rid of stigmas attached to substance use. Mentors include my parents who have given me great information and the internet has allowed me to research actual information around substances”

“I value creativity and having good conversations with people and sometimes alcohol greases those wheels”

“Can we have this every day!?”

“Making art makes me feel sooooo good!”


pic4Eat and Art is sponsored by the Changing the  Culture of Substance Use project and the Selkirk Counseling Department.


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