Rethinking our whole attitude towards stress . . . . . . .

Holy Moly – this Ted Talk shifted my whole perspective on stress.  Psychologist Kelly McGonigal explores some shocking studies that reveal that it is not stress that is making us sick, but BELIEVING that stress is bad for us that makes us sick.

Here are some of  her points that re-define stress as a way we create a “biology of courage.”

So,  watch this short talk for yourself – it might save your life!

  • If we can see our racing heart as an adaptive response that is helping us rise to the challenges in our life, our blood vessels don’t constrict and we are less likely to die from stress related causes.

  • Oxytocin is released as part of the stress response and its amazing benefit is that it gives us access to our hearts and we are more likely to seek support and connection.

  • Giving or receiving caring support creates the human connection that is the foundation of resilience.

And, Dr. Mike Evans uses this short, clever animated talk to offer some specific skills on how to  explore your THINKING patterns so you are better able to manage stressful situations.



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