QUIT COACHES and prizes for those wanting to change their relationship with tobacco


Jan. 22- 29th is National Non-Smoking week and there is a big National Campaign rolling out in Vancouver and Toronto. 

The  grand prize offered by the event organizer is a trip for two to Costa Rica to help embrace their new smoke-free lifestyle!

Check-out these web-sites with tons of information on supports, meds and tips for changing your smoking habits and there are also

FREE Quit COACHES to help you through the break-up! :

Call a Quit Coach at 1-866-366-3667


QUIT NOW web-site also has lots of  supports and information about medical interventions to help with the transition to a new healthier you!


Alternative Participation Programs
To enable Canadian smokers who cannot participate in person at one of the events, the program has been developed to allow all smokers to participate through the Breakitoff.ca  website (where they will be seamlessly redirected to a “video contest micro-site” developed by the event organizer).  The same grand-prize will apply to all smokers regardless of their method of participation.  

Additionally, for those Canadians who are non-smokers, an alternative contest is offered to those who share the Break It Off “experience” with one or more of their smoker friends via Facebook or through email.  The more they share via Facebook or email, the more chances they have of winning a $1,000 Future Shop gift card

This is another great Dr. Mike You-Tube with his advice on the single best thing you can do if you are contemplating changing your tobacco habits:

Let us know if you try to reduce or quit and how it goes for you!

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