“I had a black dog. His name was depression . . . . . . .”

This little animated you-tube is only a few minutes long and well worth the watch.  It  provides an poignant, personal description of the experience of depression and some ways of coping:

While we’re on the topic  . . . . .  Kevin Breel is a Vancouver 19 year old who is inspiring people all over the world to re-examine the stigma around depression:

These December days are dark and difficult – if you think you might have the black dog of depression weighing down your life, please consider reaching out:

  • Make an appointment with a Selkirk Counsellor:  365-1273 or 352-6601
  •  Phone the Crisis Line 1-888-353-2273 – they are available 24/7 with non-judgmental listening and can help with referrals and planning your next steps

What do you think of these two men and their way of experiencing and dealing with their depression?  

What can we do to end the stigma and help each other tame and befriend the black dogs of depression that can compromise our ability to live our lives fully?

Black-dog-wallpaper-2   black dog sad2011-08-22 14.36.03


2 responses to ““I had a black dog. His name was depression . . . . . . .”

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