OPTIONS for Sexual Health

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A fourth year nursing student sent us this write-up on the OPT clinics:

Opt for Options for Sexual Health!

Years ago, when I first moved to Nelson, I read a small ad about Options
for Sexual Health (Opt) in the newspaper.  The specifics of the ad are
fuzzy, but it said Opt was a drop in service that operated Wednesday
evenings in Nelson and provided information, services and products
regarding sexual health.   I think it was the mention of low-cost birth
control that caught my eye initially.  I had just moved to Nelson, was job
hunting, and didn’t have a lot of money.  Wednesday came around and I
attended the drop in clinic on the second floor of the Pink Building at
333 Victoria Street.  I was a little bit nervous and felt a tiny bit
uncomfortable but quickly felt at ease in the calm, friendly environment.
A volunteer welcomed me and explained Opt’s services and procedures.
After waiting for a few minutes, I went into the office where a kind nurse
filled in the gaps in my knowledge regarding birth control methods, and
then gave me a few months supply of birth control pills.  I left there
feeling satisfied and empowered in meeting my needs around birth control,
and proud of myself that I’d had the courage to go to the clinic.
That was almost ten years ago.  Today, I’m a fourth year nursing student
at Selkirk College.  Since 3rd year, four of my classmates have taken the
Opt training and volunteered at the weekly drop in clinic at the Castlegar
campus.  Because of this, I am now more familiar with Opt’s services and
wanted to take this opportunity to share this information with other
Selkirk students who may be unaware of the valuable, low-cost services
that Opt provides.
Options for Sexual Health is an organization providing reproductive health
services for people of all ages.  Opt is based in B.C. and in 2011
celebrated 50 years of providing service.  Currently the non-profit sexual
health organization operates 60 clinics, each run by qualified staff and
volunteers who provide confidential, non-judgemental services.   Opt
services include: birth control information and counseling, low-cost
contraceptives and supplies, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
and treatment, PAP testing, pregnancy testing and counseling, and general
sexual health information and referrals.  Opt serves all ages, genders,
and orientations.  For in-depth information on Opt’s services and sexual
health in general visit:


Opt operates a drop in clinic weekly at Selkirk College’s Castlegar campus at 301 Frank Beinder Way on

Thursdays from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Monashee Wing

Opt clinics are also held regularly in the communities of Nelson, Grand
Forks, Kaslo, Creston, Nakusp, and Trail. Check the following link for a complete list of clinics, schedules and contact information:


I hope this post will help to spread the word of Opt’s valuable services a
little farther among our Selkirk community, and that you’ll consider
connecting with Opt for information or to clarify your options regarding
your sexual health.  Take care!

As the poster says:

Confidential, unbiased and non-judgmental services open to all ages.

This service offers someone to talk to about relationships and many of the complex emotional and physical questions that are part of being a sexual human being.

Thanks for the great information and write-up Melanie!




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