What do you do to get Beyond the Blues?

Mike McGaw, Residence Coordinator at Tenth Street Campus, recently commented that many people are feeling overwhelmed right now.  He wisely suggested that people take a walk, get some air and perspective and know that these grey mid-term days will pass.  Research is increasingly showing that exercise and time in nature boost our immune system and help prevent as well as treat symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.  Lindsay Tattersall, a student from McMaster University, recently shared this link with us:


This is definitely a time of year to up your self-care:  good sleep, getting some protein and fresh fruit and vegetables, getting outside,  reaching out to people who care . . . . .    do what it takes to keep your mind and body healthy.

What do you do to get BEYOND THE BLUES?

Here are some ideas generated by students at KSA at a recent BEYOND THE BLUES information and screening event for Mental Health Awareness:

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If you are worried that your sadness or stress is seriously impacting your ability to function in school or in other aspects of your life, please talk to someone – a college counsellor, a residence advisor, a residence coordinator, an instructor,  a friend, a doctor . . . . . . . .   reaching out is vulnerable and takes some courage, but there are many people willing to listen and help you plan some next steps.  Sometimes just talking or finding someone to go for a walk or  yoga class with you will help you through a rough patch.  However, if the dark moods last more than a couple of weeks, it is important to get more help.

Here are some links to local and provincial resources:

Some Links on Mental Health, Coping Skills and places to reach out for help:

Here-to-Help is a wonderful organization based in Vancouver.  This web-site has screening tests that you can take on your own and many students have printed these out to help them in discussing issues with counsellors or doctors.  There are lots of personal stories and information for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and there are tool-kits that help you develop coping skills and a personal health plan.



Similarly, Mindcheck has been developed to help anyone struggling to assess their current well-being and has ideas to educate students about their moods and minds and help them connect with resources when needed:


In the Kootenays:

  • Talk to a Selkirk College Counsellor 250-365-1273 (Castlegar)  250-352-6601 (Nelson)  Students from all 8 Selkirk Campuses are welcome to call either of these numbers to set up a phone or in-person appointment.
  • Mental Health and Addictions services will help you set up an in-take appointment.  Services is totally confidential and these agencies have provided great support for Selkirk students and staff needing assessment and service:

Neslon: 250-505-7248

Castlegar: 250-304-1846

Trail:  250-364-6262

Nakusp:  250-265-5253

Grand Forks:  250-442-0330


2 responses to “What do you do to get Beyond the Blues?

  1. Naomi Spataro: ” Nature and exercise certainly relieve stress for me in all areas! I would be a crazy nut without those two things!”

    Sair Killey : ” Letting go of agendas, resting, reading literature that inspires me, including children’s literature, chocolate, light lamp, walks and time connecting with the quietness within ……..and laughing with friends, or crying if that is what they , or I, need to do…….being real

    these were some comments on the facebook post of other things people do to “get beyond the blues”

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