Selkirk Life Coaching – Identify your Strengths! Reach for your goals!

Coaching is a free, informal service the college offers to help you navigate life’s many choices: school, future, time, study skills and health.

Coaches are usually seen on soccer fields or hockey arenas giving tips, sharing skills and cheering on athletes.  Similarly, life coaches, help people to identify and achieve their personal dreams and they are there to trouble shoot barriers and  celebrate achievement.

coaching athletes

Selkirk College has 20 amazing  employees from all unions and job descriptions, who want to help students be supported and successful.

Students who had coaches last year said:

“It was so great having a coach. I started out the year being really nervous and she was a really good listener who made me feel like I could make it. This term we didn’t meet much because I was feeling way more confident, but I’m always so happy to see my coach when I run into her on campus.”        – Selkirk Student

“I found the coaching experience very helpful.  It really kept me focused on my overall vision.”  

– Selkirk Student

“Coaching has helped me succeed in learning how to think, plan and problem solve more effectively in both the college environment and everyday life.”

–  dmbear, Selkirk Student

Life Coaching helps promote a positive college experience by offering you an ally who can listen, brainstorm options and help you form a realistic action plan to reach your goals.

coaching stairs

Your Investment

  • A 20-minute session every two weeks with a Selkirk Staff Life Coach
  • You will meet in a campus cafeteria and get a free juice and muffin while you chat about school, life,  health, goals for your future and create realistic action plans on how to get there


  • Improved skills in communication, goal setting and planning
  • An ally who can help you navigate the Selkirk systems and supports
  • Increased accountability and confidence as you put your dreams and plans into action!

This year  13 of the Selkirk Saints winning Hockey Team have chosen to have  Life Coaches to help them with the  daunting task of juggling their busy athletic and academic schedules.  We look forward to hearing their feedback on the program and their successes in staying healthy and focussed!

Here are the Saints being fed at a dinner and presentation on the Selkirk Life Coaching program:

2013-09-10 16.46.11

Staff love what they learn from coaching students and each other.  We can all benefit from having someone who listens closely to our vision of how we want our lives to be and can help us develop a plan towards making that happen:

“I learned to be comfortable just listening, not having to have all the answers. I also learned more about myself and about just being able to hold the space for the student to figure out what she needed to do. What amazed me was that sometimes her journey was like a mirror; there were parallels to my own experience and I got ideas and learned from her too!”

– Anni Holtby, Selkirk Coach

So – if you would like to have a  Selkirk Life Coach who can sit down with you every couple weeks to support your learning, confidence  and health . . . . . .


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