Advice from Selkirk and UBC students on Staying Well

2013-09-13 13.23.23

Grant Bracken is in Year 2 of the Professional Cook Training program.  He also has a background in peer counselling and likes exploring the various dimensions of well-being that keep people in some kind of balance as they deal with life’s challenges.  His advice to students trying to stay healthy and track with their college programs is:

Find creative outlets – cooking, painting, writing, dancing . . . .. . . Creativity is a great release and helps you channel your emotions. Stress and energy need to flow out of you so they don’t get blocked and become toxic.


It can also be empowering to sometimes go to a bar or party and choose not to drink.  You don’t want to cut yourself off from the social aspect, so go out and have fun, but occasionally refrain from alcohol – – it  boosts your confidence to realize that you are able to go to a bar and NOT drink.



Jessica Lupton is in her first year of the Social Service Worker program, but comes to the college with years of experience working with recreation programs and Fitness coaching.  Her advice for students is:

Find any ways you can to integrate some movement and exercise into your life-style. Walk to work or walk on your lunch hour. Find a buddy and you’re more likely to stay with your goals. 


If you can get some exercise into your life you will sleep better, look better, lower your stress levels and you just stand taller and feel better about yourself!

Here are some great images from the wonderful UBC Student Mental Health Network. These students are pledging to take these actions to stay healthy this term.  This link is filled with lots of great resources and stories of people overcoming health barriers.

What is your pledge to wellness this term?




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