Summer Fruit Lazy Daisy

Local markets and gardens are filled with raspberries, appricots, blueberries and peaches right now. Even in the forests the sweet thimble berries and huckleberries are ripe for the picking. This delicious, easy cake from the gorgeous blog Putney Farm, shows a great way to use any combination of fruit. Bake a couple and freeze one for those winter days where the summer sweet fruit is but a warm memory . . . . . . .

Putney Farm

There are some dishes we make here at the farm that are a bit of a mystery before we try them. We ask ourselves if we chose the right recipe, bought the right ingredients, cooked them properly with optimal equipment, plated them well, etc. The only way to really know how we did is to make the dish, take a look at it and taste it. But this is NOT one of those dishes. From the moment you start making a Lazy Daisy cake with summer fruit you know its gonna be good, real good….like staring at the oven while bakes good. From batter to oven to plate this cake just screams “I taste good, serve me with some ice cream!” (It does, we heard it from the oven….we swear).

lazy3lazy4If looking and tasting great wasn’t enough, the Summer Fruit Lazy Daisy has a few other charms, it is as easy…

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