Tips for Eating Well on a Small Budget!

Cole Millen was a university student in Florida who now lives in New York.  He is an avid traveller with an interest in food and wellness.   He stumbled upon our blog and thought some of his articles might be relevant to our students.  Here is one on “eating more for less” that provides some good tips for students trying to figure out how to eat well on a small budget.

Thanks Cole!

In today’s world it can be hard to find healthy ways to eat without killing your budget or spending all day in the kitchen preparing meals. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy diet without any added strain.
Buy in Bulk
Purchasing dry items such as rice, beans, flour, and whole grains in bulk is usually cheaper than buying from the bin or the shelf. Many health food stores offer this option. Ask at the bulk department of your local health food store to find out.
Invest in a Crockpot
Crockpots are an easy way to prepare a healthy meal with virtually no effort. Simply throw the ingredients in and turn it on and you can have a meal ready when you want it in the evening. A crockpot can cook almost anything, from soups and pasta sauces to casseroles and meats.
Eat Out Less
Restaurants are an expensive way to eat, especially if it is your norm and not an occasional treat. Try to reduce how often you eat out to once or twice a week. If you are really serious about spending less, cut it out altogether. Restaurant meals are also not as healthy as home-cooked ones. This is especially true for fast-food meals. A crockpot meal can be just as fast as going to MacDonald’s but it is much more nutritious.
Avoid Pre-Packaged Meals
Pre-packaged meals cost more than those you prepare yourself. This includes instant meals, rotisserie chicken, and breakfast cereals. A crockpot can cook breakfast cereals such as rye, oatmeal, and millet overnight to provide you with a quick and simple way to nourish yourself when you arise. A soup thermos can provide an easy take-along meal.
Save Your Leftovers
Do not throw away the food that is left over from your meals. You can combine certain leftovers in a crockpot to create a completely new dish. Leftovers can be incorporated into the kids’ lunches or the next meal: last night’s chicken can be added to today’s soup, and yesterday’s hardboiled eggs can be used in the salad at the midday meal.
Minimize What You Throw Away
Use non-disposable dishes. Paper plates and plastic cups and utensils contribute to landfill overflow. Save your leftovers. Eat out as little as possible: the dishes used in restaurant meals are often disposable. By reducing what you throw away, you will be taking a potent step towards preserving the vitality of our planet.

Hello, My name is Cole Millen, an avid traveler and foodie.  Follow his blog at Cole’s Mill for more ideas on health and nutrition.

cole millen

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