How does your wellbeing measure up to the Europeans’?

Take this survey and see how your health and happiness compare with people all over Europe.

The questions were based on a mountain of research that concluded that the five most important elements of  well-being are:

1. Be Connected – join groups, do things with friends, see your family. 

A sense of   belonging and connection is amazingly  important to overall health.  

Dinner Club 116

2.  Keep Learning – People who are learning new things, feel better about their lives.


3.  Pay Attention  – notice the leaves against the sky, the taste of your food, the  sounds of waves.  Coming into the present moment and appreciating the gifts from your senses helps you focus on what is right in your life.


4.  Move your body – go for a walk, dance, stretch, swim, kick a ball.    Activity is connected to physical and mental health.


5. Give – volunteer, spend time listening or helping your friend or neighbour. 

When you extend kindness it enriches your life and actually contributes to your overall health and wellbeing!


When the Tenth Street Dinner Club was happening we looked at these five ways of well-being and realized we were fulfilling four of the elements.  We did not have much physical activity, but we did learn about cooking and nutrition, we savoured our new flavours, we ejoyed the rich sense of community and we gave to others when we cooked a big meal for 40 people.

Maybe next time we need to include an after dinner walk so we  hit on all aspects of healthy living!

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Here is a chart where you can plan how you might like to add some of these elements into your life!

What did you think of the survey?  What elements of wellbeing are you trying to integrate into your lifestyle?


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