Heartbreak or Firing Squad?: Practical Tips for Managing your Broken Heart

This is a wonderful blog with lots of solid advice on riding through difficult times with self-acceptance and mindfulness!


One Shrink's Perspective

One year ago, you may as well have called me Ophelia. I. got. dumped. I’m not talking knew-it-was-coming, pretty-much-fizzled-out, mutual-we’re-still-friends-now kind of breakup. I’m talkin’ thought he was the one, blindsided, didn’t change my clothes for a week, 4am wailing to Adele and No Doubt (sorry, neighbours), crying in the dentist’s chair, hairdresser’s chair, optometrist’s chair (“I don’t know if slide A is better or worse!!!” *sob*), hitting the club on weeknights, not eating, not sleeping, totally, utterly, destroyed kind of breakup.

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever experienced the euphoria of being in love, there’s a good chance you’ve also experienced the excruciating pain for heartbreak. Talk about suffering! It’s a risk we take when we make ourselves vulnerable in a relationship. I like to think there are three kinds of people in this world: Those who have never had their heart broken; those who have had their heart broken…

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