The Paradox of Choice

Life, now more than ever before, is FULL of choices….


It seems the more choices we have the less direction we feel! Now is a time that students may feel overwhelmed with the choices they need to make….


This is an interesting TED TALK that reminds us that the idea of ‘choice’ has changed drastically from what our parents viewed and understood as ‘choice’. The Paradox of Choice allows viewers to feel that they are not alone, that society is changing and that it is OK not know the right way forward straight away….

Although this may not help you make that choice you need to make, it may help you feel that you’re not alone, and that possibly the fact that we have choice, is a positive thing.

TED TALK – The Paradox of Choice

I read this great post on mindbodygreen today that stated:

“Remember we are all in this crazy adventure together. No matter what you’re going through you’re not alone. We’re stronger when we lean on one another and recognize that we’re all one. The journey of life is a choice, and we can choose to ride the waves of uncertainty with grace and ease. When we celebrate our differences and accept our true essence, life becomes a joyous ride.”

Let us be apart of this crazy ride, contact any of the counsellors below to get connected.



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