Honouring the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and mentors who have shaped us . . . . . . .

     A group of Selkirk women came together on International Women’s Day to celebrate.  Each brought a place setting that represented themselves and pictures or mementos from women who inspired them.  One of the themes that emerged was that it was the combination of strength, commonsense and kindness that made their mentors most memorable.  As we ate off of plates and bowls that had personal significance, we symbolically welcomed the lineage of women had shaped us to be a part of our feast.
  Some women at the table  had spent time working with women’s cooperatives in Africa and Nepal and shared their admiration for the strength and resiliency of women facing very different circumstances from our own.  
Here is a link to an amazing organization that Nicole Ripley, Selkirk Counsellor, volunteered at in Kathmandhu Nepal. To date it has rescued, rehabilitated and reintegrated 1600 girls and young women who were victims of trafficking.
 Although women in Canada have many more options and freedoms than their grandmothers, or their sisters in different part of the world,  a lovely young man from Vernon reminds us of the

3 reasons why we NEED an international women’s day…

1) women in CANADA get 70 cents to the dollar for doing the same jobs as men
2) women in CANADA do 3 X the amount of unpaid housework than men do
3) 1 in 3 women in CANADA will experience sexual abuse/harrasment or violence. 

He encourages us to –

 Take a few minutes today (and EVERYDAY) to question why this is and what YOU can do to change it. 

(facebook status from  Lowell Friesen, Selkirk Alumni, current  Okanagan College student)

Paris Voykin offers this beautiful video to celebrate women around the world making a difference:

You may also want to explore the inspirational One Billion Rising  Movement that is working and dancing hard to end violence against women:
Flash Mob: One Billion Rising in Missoula, Montana
one billion rising
or Jack Layton’s inspirational White Ribbon Campaign that challenges men to make a stand:
This article  has a fascinating interactive map exploring women’s rights across the globe:
What women have been inspirational in your life?  Why?  What significance does March 8th have for you? 

2 responses to “Honouring the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and mentors who have shaped us . . . . . . .

  1. What an amazing day!! I met some beautiful women and really enjoyed discussing things that were important to each of us. There is nothing more powerful than being around powerful women, and we are all powerful 🙂

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