Faelan’s Fast and Fabulous Fettucine

faelan pasta

Here is a recipe that take no time, tastes great as left-overs and has endless variations.  Faelan never uses recipes or measurements so experiment with this to make it your own.


ten cloves crushed garlic

1 onion

4- 5 crowns of broccoli cut into bit sized pieces

carton sliced mushrooms

4 pieces of bacon   (or if vegetarian don’t bother and it will still taste good)

1 cup of milk

salt, pepper, chilli flakes

fettuccine or other pasta of choice


1.  Put on pot of water to boil and a couple cups of pasta following box directions (whole wheat pasta adds nutrition 🙂

2.  Fry bacon, put on paper towel to drain and set aside.  Pour out bacon grease and put a bit of olive oil in pan.

3.  Fry crushed garlic and onion in a bit of olive oil for five minutes

4.  Add sliced mushrooms and a few minutes later add broccoli.  Cook until bright green and tender.

5.  Turn down heat and add milk, salt, pepper and a dash of chilli flakes.

6. Toss in cooked pasta.  Add more milk if necessary to make it creamy and  sprinkle in crispy bacon bits.

Eat and Enjoy!  Faelan says he can’t usually afford Parmesan cheese,  but it would be good on here if he could.

This recipe can have endless variations.  Faelan’s Uncle David makes a similar vegetarian Italian inspired pasta with tons of garlic, chilli flakes, Kale and white Kidney Beans.

You could use other veggies, chicken breast, chorizo, pine nuts . . . . . .  If you have dairy allergies, a bit of  vegetable stock could moisten the ingredients.

Let us know what great combinations you come up with!

faelan tikal         Faelan rinjani      Faelan Bolivia

Faelan Lundeberg is a Selkirk Alumni who now studies History at the University of Victoria.  He is also an intrepid traveller and cook!


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