Jason’s Quick Quintessential Quesadilla


Another fast nutritious Mexi Treat.  Here is Jason Macquary’s  Quesadilla specialty for a fast meal for frazzled students everywhere!

  • tortillas (white or whole wheat)
  • grated cheese (preferrably pre-shredded with jalapenos)
  • cooked chicken (or refried beans, black beans, pulled pork . . . . . )
  • chopped colourful peppers, sliced mushrooms, spinach, anything good with cheese and salsa

Put one tortilla in a medium heat  frying pan with a bit of oil or butter.  Pile fillings on top and cover with second tortilla.   Flip (carefully) when cheese is starting to melt.

Take off heat when cheese is melted and both tortillas are toasty brown.  Cut in wedges and dip in salsa.  You could also dip in sour cream or guacamole for a fancier feast.

Jason  will soon be finishing his Selkirk Associate of Arts degree and heading off  to SFU to pursue a BA in English/ Theatre and Education.

Thanks Jason!

Jason Mcquary

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