Brenda’s Millet Pilaf (from Bob’s Redmill)


Selkirk’s Student Access and Support Department has the most amazing potluck lunches at our planning meetings.  Brenda Smith, the manager of  Selkirk CO-Op and Employment Services,  brought this delicious pilaf and is sharing both the recipe and the wonderful blog from Bob’ Red Mill.

Here is the link to the colourful, flavourful millet pilaf she brought to our January potluck:

*  I imagine this gorgeous pilaf could be made with quinoa, cous-cous, rice  or whatever good grains you have on hand.

Brenda  has helped countless students find summer co-op placements and now is working hard linking employers across Canada and overseas with students looking for employment.

Contact her @   or phone 250-365-1280 for information about upcoming employment opportunities.  You can also find CEES on facebook :!/coopemploymentservices?fref=ts

Ask her and her amazing assistant Olga   about our new Orbis Portal that connects us to employment postings across the world.

When Brenda is not in her office, she can be found with her golden retriever Kasey helping students learn to read or  busy tending her Kootenay Kid Farm.

Brenda smith                  Brenda and kasey


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