What students had to say about Dinner Club . . . . .

Dinner Club 073

Dinner Club Evaluation and Feedback

The goals for this project were to:

  •  Increase healthy eating.
  • Build skills in cooking, budgeting and nutrition.
  • Increase sense of community.

What was your experience being a part of this Dinner Club Project?  Did we reach our goals?  Why or why not? 

  • Very good experience. Delicious food. I think the goals were achieved by getting a good meal at least once a week.
  • I haven’t reached my goals yet. I need to personally try harder to achieve them.  The Dinner Project gave me the knowledge to eat and buy healthier foods.  I need to implement this knowledge to reach my goals.
  • I really enjoyed dinner club.  I would say that the goals have been met, and when I do cook my meals now I use healthier methods.
  • The experience was great. I had a great time with everyone.  I feel that have indeed reached our goals.
  • I always looked forward to dinner club. It reached my goal of meeting people outside of my program.
  • I had a positive experience.  I also came half way through.
  • It was a good experience with lots of good food and it was good to interact with other people who I wouldn’t normally be with.
  • It was the best time of my life.  We always reached our goal because we always ended up having an amazing meal.
  • I loved it.  Everyone got fed and we learned how to prepare delicious and healthy meals to feed us and our friends.

What did you learn?  Any specific examples? 

  • I learned a lot about basic cooking of grains and beans.
  • I learned many healthy and tasty recipes that I can now cook for myself.  I also learned how buy I learned many healthy and tasty recipes that I can now cook for myself.  I also learned how to buy cheaper and what things are good to buy in bulk.
  • I learned to cook quinoa and make a great chili. There are lots of meat alternatives. I learned there are lots of ways to cook for a big group for cheap. How to make excellent food on a low budget.
  • That soups are surprisingly easy and that I LOVE quinoa.
  • I learned cooking techniques like how to cook rice and season poultry.  I learned to cut vegetables better.
  • Cooking really isn’t all that difficult.  It is best to buy in bulk to save dollars.

What advice would you give to other students for surviving and thriving in Res? 

  • I would advise other students to learn how to cook a few healthy meals.  On weekend or when they have time they should cook a big meal and save the leftovers.  This will give them something healthy to eat throughout the week that doesn’t require any preparation time.
  • Read the rule book. Respect your room mates, remember you are here for school.
  • Talk with people and use their ideas.
  • Eat healthy, sleep well. Study hard but,  play even harder.
  • Talk to your room mates – use open communication if there are issues. Share cleaning and cooking.
  • Get to know people – especially the ones that are quiet.
  • I would say that cooking with groups is a great way to create a sense of community.
  • Get out and meet people and don’t be afraid to try new foods and experiment.
  • Buy quinoa. Go to Dinner club.  Take some food back home with you.  You should be good.

If something like this ran again, how would you improve it?

  • I think maybe slightly smaller groups would be beneficial so people really get more chances to learn new skills. It might be better if there were several small groups.
  • Maybe having cooking crews and cleaning crews that switch each week.
  • Group grocery shopping so we learn how to get the good deals.
  • More sessions during the week.
  • Have some music playing while we cook as well as sending some students on shopping trips.
  • Nothing to improve.
  • Impossible to improve – – maybe we should try to do a barbecue.
  • Take turns doing dishes and preparing a variety of foods, so that some people aren’t always doing dishes or cutting onions.
  • Make it longer and more girls!!

Some researchers say that if a campus has a healthy sense of culture and community there is less harmful substance use and student’s withdrawing from programs.  Do you agree with this? Why? 

  • I completely agree with this.  Some people that are starting out to college have no idea what college life is like.  So if they knew how to cook and make friends they wouldn’t be withdrawing from programs.
  • I would have to disagree.  Before Dinner Club started lots of use was going on and there still is.
  • Yes I agree because there is a sense of belonging to a tight knit community.
  • Yes – a fit body equals a fit mind.
  • Depends.  Some people don’t get affected by their surroundings that much.
  • No because there will always be people using and abusing.
  • I completely disagree.  If there are drugs, students will still find a way to use them and still be productive, especially in a city like Nelson.
  • Yes, I believe events like supper club help with a sense of culture and community in college which helps with substance use and students’ mental health.  Free food is the best way to get  people to any program.
  • I personally value culture and community.  From my own experience I think it is something that can bring people a sense of well being.
  • Dinner Club 116

Any other comments for  our Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses organization that  funded this project?

  • Programs like this are a great thing.  I hope to see more community things and programs available like this.
  • Very good program.
  • You guys did great!
  • Thank-you so much this has been great!
  • Thank you so much.  This was a great experience.
  • Let’s do it again next year.
  • It’s a great thing to fund.  It breaks the ice and gets students to make new friends.
  • Thanks so much for making this possible!  I learned so very much!!

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3 responses to “What students had to say about Dinner Club . . . . .

  1. Although I wasn’t part of the dinner club I did benefit from some of the recipes – the corn chowder was really good and very easy to make. This is a wonderful program for the students. Thanks B.

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