Chocolate Meditation – Savouring the Flavour

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book Full Catastophe Living shares research about the health benefits for your mind and body of slowing down to enjoy the experience of both cooking and eating:

“When preparing food, are you doing it mindfully? Try a peeling-potato meditation or a chopping-carrots meditation. Can you be totally present with the peeling, with the chopping? Try being aware of your breathing and your whole body as you peel or chop vegetables. What are the effect of doing things this way?”  
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Challenge:  Take time to fully savour your food.  Enjoy the colours, the smells, the sensations in your mouth.  Take a few moments out of your busy life, to sit at a table, turn off the media and just enjoy your meal.

Mindful awareness is available in every moment.  We can choose to  leave our worries about the past or future and totally engage with the sensations that the present moment offers.  Take time to cook good food.  Enjoy its beauty and taste and feel gratitude  to the farmers and land that made it possible. 

Sometimes people think of mindfulness practices as being austere or monkish.  In reality, bringing attention to the present moment makes life more rich and sensual because you are awake to your sense perceptions.

Try closing your eyes and REALLY tasting a piece of dark chocolate:

Chocolate Meditation
Let your tongue rise
to meet the creamy darkness.
Let flavours flood
and sing the melting.
Become the brown hands
that cut Brazilian sugar cane,
the cow whose milk
traveled from its Andean farm
to live in your mouth. 
Let solid transmute to syrup.
Allow it to slide down your throat,
ooze across membranes
and pour poetry
deep into cells
to fuel your
bittersweet now.

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