Tips from a Dinner Club Discussion on you, booze and being a student . . . .

While waiting for the Ribs to finish cooking at our Last Supper, we had an animated conversation about how alcohol works and doesn’t work in the life of a student.  Here are a few quotes and tips from the Dinner Club panel:

“If you want to party hard don’t come to college.  Take a gap year and get it out of your system.  You will end up wasting your time and money if you’re not ready to focus on your program!”

“Be mature enough to know your own limits.  When it starts to impact your health or school work its time to slow down!”

“Keep a good ratio of water to beer – – – –   alternate and you’ll feel better the next day.”

“Create a culture with your friends where binge drinking is for losers . . . . .  it starts to seem less cool to see really obnoxious drunks.”

“It’s all about awareness – – – of your own body and  mind and also how you are impacting others.”

Buddy systems only work if you really trust your buddy.  It is hard to always be the person who has to be responsible.  If you have a good buddy that you trust they  might keep you safe.”

“Plan ahead of time how you are going to get home. Wandering around drunk in winter,  not knowing where you are going isn’t such a good thing.” 

“Pace yourself . . . . slow down and just take to a party the amount that you want to consume.”

“Have great activities organized   – –  we started a Saturday Morning hiking club.  People are less likely to get wasted if they have something to look forward to the next day!”

Here’s a great link for checking your own alcohol intake and there are lots of resources if you think it would help to cut-down your alcohol consumption:

You can also talk to a Selkirk Counsellor 352-6601 or 365-1273 if you are looking for support and strategies for making changes.

If you need support in dealing with addiction issues or want assessment  phone Mental Health and Addictions for intake and assessment 250-505-7248 (Nelson).

HELLO SUNDAY MORNING is a great blog from Australia that helps people look at whether they are using alcohol because they NEED it for confidence, fun or their sense of identity.  It encourages examining your relationship with alcohol and has funny, informative and inspiring stories from participants trying to change their habits:


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