Test Your College Health I.Q.

1.     Exercizing right before bed helps you sleep better.   T    or     F

2.     Frozen vegetables and fruit are often cheaper,  but are not as nutritious as fresh ones.     T     or    F 

3.    Having food while drinking is healthier because it helps your body absorb the alcohol.   T or   F 

4.    Buying in bulk is always a cheaper option.  T  or F 

5.    Having a buddy system for partying can save lives.      T  or   F 

6.    There is  currently an ecstasy  that has additives that cause overheating and potential death.    

            T  or   F 

7.     Coffee helps you sober up.    T    or   F 

8.     Exercise is highly effective at helping lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression.    T  or  F 

9.    A 20 year old needs how many serving of fruit and veggies daily?                  2       12       8         4 

10.     Napping helps your sleep cycles.      T  or   F

11.     Circle the foods that are superfoods terms of being cheap and nutritious:  

beans   eggs   Kraft Dinner     bananas  juice   cabbage    licorice   ground beef    potatoes  yams  broccoli  

12.     Planning your meals for the week can help you save money.    T   or    F

 13.      Having a regular sleep schedule improves concentration and marks.    T   or   F 

14.     Protein is vital for energy, all organs and overall health. Circle the foods that are high protein/ low cost:

   noodles  eggs   eggplant    quinoa   yams  tofu  tunafish  sirloin steak    chicken thighs   nuts  chocolate  rice 

15.    Alcohol  before bed will help you sleep better.             T    or   F  

16.      If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes get up and do something boring until you are sleepy.    

T   or    F 

17.  Alternating kinds of alcohol at a party is helpful.         T   or   F

18. Your meals should be filled with deep rich coloured fruit and vegeetables.     T   or   F



1)  Exercise is so great for your  health, but if you have trouble sleeping try and do your exercise earlier as it revs you up, gives you energy and makes it hard to drop-off into dreamland.

2)  Getting produce  straight from a garden is the most nutritious, but in supermarkets veggies and fruit  have often sat around for a long time.  Frozen fruit and vegetables have similar nutritive value and are often cheaper – especially in the winter months.  Plus having some stored in your freezer means you have food on hand and need less trips down town.

3) Definitely True.  If you are going to a party take some snacks to share and try to have a good meal before hand.  Savouring  each taste and sipping and eating slowly means you get maximum enjoyment from both and are likely to have less ill effects the next day.

4) Mostly True but not always.  You need to check the prices.  People assume bulk is cheaper because this is usually the case.  However, sometimes packaged grains or nuts are on Sale or are cheaper.  Buying food that is the brand for the store (Safeway or Western Family for Save-On)  are often cheaper but again not always.   Shop and Compare.

5) Buddy’s can watch out for each other in vulnerable situations.  However, our dinner club said that you really need to trust your Buddy and it is not fair for one person to always need to be in the responsible position.  If someone is leaving a party or has had any falls, please make sure they have a buddy stay with them or help them get  home or to a safe place.

6)  yes!  Recently there have been border confiscations of the ingredients for E.  These have been replaced by a substance that has caused overheating and deaths.  If you or someone you know is overheating – go to emergency immediately.

7) No, unfortunately coffee does not help with the sobering process.  Liquid in general is a good thing for re-hydrating, but the total amount of alcohol will not change and will take the same amount of time to get out of your system.

8)  Exercise is extremely helpful with both anxiety and depression.  Some studies have shown it as effective as medication and others have shown that the best combination is counselling, medication and cardio-vascular exercise.  Some studies have also shown Yoga to have a beneficial effect.

9) Twenty year olds should be getting 8 serving of fruit and vegetables.  A serving is the size of your fist of salad or greens, one piece of fruit, a handful of raisins.  Smoothies can be a great way to get lots of nutrients and fibre.

10)  If you nap – try to keep it to 20 minutes.  Otherwise you go into a deeper part of the sleep cycle and it is difficult to get up and to get to sleep that night.  Sometimes just resting and listening to music can be relaxing, but long daytime sleeps disrupt your pattern.

11) Hopefully you didn’t circle KD, licorice or Juice.  Juice can have some nutrients but it is expensive and it is way better to get the nurtrition from whole fruit.  Eggs are about 15 cents a piece and an excellent protein source.  Beans are your top food for price/nutrient ratio.  Even if you don’t think you like them, keep some tins of lentils or black beans around to throw into soups and casseroles.  Check-out our black bean chilli recipe.  Some dinner club people liked it better than the meat chilli.

12) Totally – spend some time mapping out your week before you head off shopping.  You are less likely to have things getting rotten in the fridge if you plan ahead.   Every time you cook – make three meals.  One for left-overs and lunches and one for the freezer for a day when you don’t have time.

13)  True.  Going to bed and waking up at the same time is correlated with more energy, focus and higher marks. Your body likes a predictable schedule!

14) Eggs, tofu, tuna, chicken thighs (cheaper than breasts) , ground beef and beans are your cheapest sources of protein.  Quinoa  has some protein as well, but is most nutritious  when rinsed well and paired with beans.  Nuts and sirloin have protein but are expensive options.  A small handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg or a slice of cheese can give you a protein perk  if you are flagging at the end of a day or long study session.

15) Not so much.  Alcohol might make you fall asleep faster, but it will often disrupt sleep patterns and leave you feeling tired and grumpy the next morning.

16)  This can be helpful –  especially if your mind is busy and going round and round with stress or a problem.  Get up and read your most boring text book until your  mind slows down and then try again.  Keep the lights dim. Some people find a bit of  warmed milk  gives helps them sleep.  Others find melatonin – sold with vitamins in health food stores or pharmacies –  is helpful and does not have side-effects.

17) Not really.  Some drinks do have higher alcohol content so that might help a bit, but sometimes the mixing is difficult on your system.  What does help is alternating alcohol with drinking water.  This slows down consumption and keep you hydrated.

18)  Make your plate beautiful with lots of deep coloured veggies – yams, squash and carrots give you Beta Carotene and the bright greens are high in vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Blueberries are super packed with nutrients,  so throw frozen ones in your porridge, cereal or smoothies.



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