Beans and Grains – Cooking chart

Maggie Jones talked to the dinner club about the low-cost nutrition in whole grains and beans.  Paris Voykin suggested cooking up a big batch and the freezing portions in zip-locs or yogurt containers.  Then, you can have a base for a meal or grains or beans to throw into a healthy soup or casserole.  Maggie suggested always rinsing quinoa in a strainer as it helps access the nutrients.

Whole Grains Cooking Chart

GRAIN                                    RATIO                        COOKING TIME       YIELD

Brown rice                              2:1                               50 min                         2.5 cups

Millet                                      3:1                               20 min                         3 cups

Bulgur wheat                         3:2                              12 min                         3 cups

Buckwheat (kasha)               1.5:1                            15 min                         3 cups

Cracked oat groats              2:1                               30 min                           2 cups

Quinoa                                 2:1                               20-25 min                  3 cups

Cous-cous                               2:1                               8 min                           3 cups

Barley                                     ample: 1                      60 min                         2 cups

Wild rice                                2:1                               2 hours                       2 cups

-When cooking whole grains, bring the required amount of water to a boil, add if salt if desired, add the measured amount of grain, cover, and cook on low heat for the required amount of time.

 allow at least 1/2 cup of cooked grain per person for breakfast, to be served with fruit, or as a side dish at lunch or dinner

 use nut butters as a base for or addition to sauces for grains i.e. make a white sauce, omit the milk and instead use water and almond butter, add salt, pepper, dill weed, Tamari…delicious!

 serve sautéed veggies, chunky tomato sauces, or curried vegetables on a bed of steamed brown rice, sprinkle on toasted almonds

 Try quick cooking grains and grain products of stuck for time

 often it is most effective to leave the grain plain or under seasoned and combine it with a spicy dish  we can taste; sweet, bitter, sour, pungent (hot), and salty, the art of seasoning is to find the balance

 Store grains in airtight containers in a cool, dry place.

-grains should be washed and picked over for debris before cooking

Fool Proof Bean Cooking

-sort, wash and drain beans

-cover beans with 3 times as much water as beans

-let sit at least 12 hours, up to 24 hours, (for pressure cooking 6 hours min.)

-in hot weather soak beans in the fridge to prevent fermentation

-drain beans and add fresh water

-cook according to the chart below

-do not add salt or seasonings until beans are fully cooked

Beans Cooking Chart

Bean type               Cooking time (regular cookware/pressure cooker)

Adzuki                        1 hour/15 min

Chickpeas                   2.5 hours/25 min

Black Turtle               1.5 hours/15 min

Great Northern        2 hours/15 min

Black-eyed Peas        1 hour/10 min

Kidney                         2 hours/20 min

Broad                          2 hours/20 min

Mung Beans                1 hour/10 min

Lima (Butter)            1.5 hours/15 min

Pinto (Romano)          1.5 hours/15 min

*Lentils(green)          40 min/8 min

Soya                            4 hours/25 min

*Split Peas                 1.5 hours/not recommended

*Lentils(red)              30 min/8 min

*does not need to be soaked

-cook beans until they are completely tender; do not eat “crunchy” beans

-most beans and legumes yield 2 1/4 cups cooked per cup dry.

-kidney beans contain toxins that are destroyed by boiling for 10 min so ensure that you boil them first if you intend to cook them in a slow  cooker type crock pot

Relative Yields per Acre:   

1 acre soybeans                    = 6 years food for one person

1 acre wheat, corn, rice       = 2.5 years food for one person

1 acre used for poultry       = 6 months food for one person

1 acre used for beef                        = 2 months food for one person

2 responses to “Beans and Grains – Cooking chart

    • cheap and delicious! I think our Vegetarian Chilli, Gypsy Stew and Middle-Eastern Chicken were some of the favourites and all had beans as their basis. Thanks for all your work and commitment tot he program. R

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