Kraft Dinner Supreme, Chinese Noodle Soup and Quinoa Winter Stew

The Dinner Club had a fridge cook-off.  Two teams and two bags of groceries came up with six amazing dishes.  Here are three recipes that the teams invented from the ingredients they found in their bags.  Thanks Paris and Allison for your creative guidance.

Kraft Dinner Supreme : (Jeremy’s invention) stir fry an onion with any vegetables you have available (about 2 cups) and add some spaghetti sauce ( about a cup) Add this mixture to macaroni or other noodles… top with grated cheese. You can make this with or without the cheese packet. Milk and butter can be added if you want more of the KD taste.

(the additional tomato sauce and veggies boost this meal from negligible nutrition to being a good quick healthy meal!)

  • Some people like adding a tin of tuna or salmon
  • You can also bake it in the oven with more grated cheese or parmesan on top for a casserole.

Quinoa Winter Stew: boil the quinoa ( 1.5 cups) in a pot for about 15 min. drain excess water if you need to and put aside. In a fry pan or large pot sauté an onion, ginger and/or garlic (1-2 cloves), or any combination of. We added carrots, yams, and green beans but any vegetables can be used. About 2-3 cups in total). Then a can of stewed tomatoes the quinoa and spices (salt, black pepper, curry powder, chili, oregano and basil) to taste.. Enjoy

Chinese Noodle Soup: a way to spice up a pack or two of ichiban noodles.

In a pot ¾ full of water add chopped garlic and ginger. Add any vegetables you have on hand (about 2-3 cups in total). Add the packet of spices, some soy sauce, chili sauce and fish sauce ( about 2-3 Tbs each) if you have any. Bring to a boil and then add your noodles. This soup takes about 15 min to make and is great as left over. (cubed tofu or chicken make this a complete, nutritious meal!)


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