Living with Others: How to be a great room-mate!

One dinner club while we waited for the soup to cook, we discussed what makes someone a good room-mate.  Most pods had experienced some conflicts around cleanliness or noise.  This is their recipe for being a great room-mate:

  •  Sit down and talk about how you want things to be in your shared home.  Listen to each others thoughts and feelings about how things are going and what changes might be helpful. 
  • Try not to bottle things up and then BLAST someone.  Let them know how their actions affect you and be open to hearing what they have to say.
  • Clean-up after yourself!!!!   (or at the very least stack your dishes off to the side so others can use the kitchen).
  • Show Respect –   i.e. if your roomies are sleeping, don’t do the laundry or crank the music up!
  • Be Flexible – try to see things from other view points. 
  • Have fun together once in a while –movie night?  Sunday dinner? Hiking the rail trails?

Like all relationships, being an awesome room-mate takes some time, energy and patience!

If there are pods or households that would like help running a group meeting,  they can e-mail Randy Janzen @   or phone 365-1234.  He coordinates the Mir Centre Mediation Project.  Trained volunteer mediators would be glad to sit down with you and help you talk about your particular situation and how to develop a living-together plan that works for you.

Residence Advisors or weekend attendants or coordinators could also be helpful in helping set up a group meeting for a pod of people who live together and want help communicating or developing group guidelines.

In addition,  counselling services can  help with mediation and problem-solving:  250-352-6601 or 250-365-1273.

So – there’s the Room-Mate advice from Dinner Club students –  but, what do you think makes things works for getting along with the people  you live with?  Do you agree with their advice? What do you think creates a good living situation?

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