Chicken Teriyaki & Asian Slaw

Chicken Teriyaki

Ingredients:  Chicken thighs,  crushed Garlic,  grated Ginger,  1 tsp.sesame oil,  2 Tbsp. sweet chili sauce,  ten star anise pods

(ketjap manis 1 Tbsp.,   dash of black rice vinegar optional)

¾ c. soya sauce and same of warm water.

Mix everything and bake  @ 350 skin up for  30 min,  flip and do skin down for 10 min, and then flip again for  final browning for 15 min.

Asian Slaw

Sliced cabbage

Grated carrot

Diced apple

Sunflower seeds, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil to taste

2 responses to “Chicken Teriyaki & Asian Slaw

    • Hey Susie – thanks for your sharp knives, food safe ideas and consistent, mature presence! I put in the suggestions that you and Robyn suggested under the Thriving in Res section – feel free to add any others there as you guys have the training – not me! Any chance you could send me a blurb on your apple topping and I’ll add it. Thanks again. I’m going to miss Tuesdays!

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